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Fortis provides an exceptional success rate to third party buyers at the trustee sale while achieving a price at or above the lender’s reserve.

Our team utilizes over 50 years of experience in all areas of asset disposition. With the trusted rm of Spinella, Owings & Shaia providing fully compliant legal services and Motleys Asset Disposition Group conducting a widespread marketing campaign, our team provides a product that has proven to limit the growth of OREO assets.

At the source, Fortis assists our clients in avoiding operational distractions and expenses while preventing asset repatriation.

“As a lender, our ultimate goal was the sale of this unique James River property to a third party. Knowing from the beginning that this was also the goal of you and your team was very reassuring.”

Kevin Kelly, C&F Bank

“From a lending agency’s perspective, foreclosures consist of many moving parts. Fortis does a remark- able job coordinating all of those parts while minimizing the risk of increasing non-performing asset portfolios for our institution. The “Sylvania” farm property was a perfect example of this. You and your team did a remarkable job in helping us receive the maximum outcome for the property. We could not be more pleased.”

Paul Franklin, Colonial Farm Credit

“The common sense approach this plan provides could very well revolutionize the way lenders carry out foreclosure sales in the future.”

Richard Calhoun, ArborOne Farm Credit

“My experience has shown that the demand your marketing campaign creates makes for a lively and competitive sale resulting in the best possible outcome...”

Paul Bliley, Jr., Williams Mullen

“Fortis’ team was extremely professional throughout the process and maintained excellent communication.”

Richard Hairfield, Haifield Morton 

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